Unlearning Communism, the book (photo by Stanislav Traykov)

Protecting the Legacy

Unlearning Communism is the book with a mission to turn the tide of ideological battle that is shaping our society, affecting our lives and the lives of future generations

In order to build the future worth living, we need to make a joint intellectual effort and win the debate on logical level, once and for all.

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RAW interview for TPM, Dr. Savic "Serbian Guy", with Josh Kovensky

As Prof. Jordan Peterson said:

“You never apologize to a mob. You’re not dealing with individuals who you can reestablish a relationship with. You’re dealing with a soulless idea that has people in its possession. And it’s a shifting entity, it doesn’t even involve the same people necessarily across time although there’s often a core, and all the idea is going to do with your apology is note that you believe that the game is fair, the game that they foisted on you is fair and that you’re guilty of breaking the rules.”

Katarina Reading from the Book

Chapter XX, "Message for the Left"

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