Unlearning Communism

Practical guide to understanding the fabric of society

The book is asking the reader to build the “perfect society”, by choosing the answers to 20 questions, asked in each Chapter. 

In order to fulfill the task, the reader must create logically coherent string of thoughts.

There are only two possible choices/pathways, both of which are logical, coherent, justifiable and have been already tested in practice all across the globe in the XX century. However, the final outcomes of these pathways to “perfect societies” are very different.

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About the authors

Two Molecular Biologists interested in Social Sciences

Some of the most valuable lessons regarding Social Sciences during the XX century came from two very unexpected men, both of them mathematicians: Solzhenitsyn and Shafarevich.

More often than expected, people with uncommon educational ground are capable of clearly seeing the solution while the experts, narrowly specialized in a specific fields are failing, time and time again. 


Two molecular biologists, people who deeply understand evolution, whose origin is from the Balkans and who were able to see the results of various Marxist ideologies can clearly see some things that typical Western people are oblivious of.

Just as a wolf has the right to his sheep,
so has every tyrant to a weakling.
To place foot upon tyranny's neck,
to lead tyrants to knowledge of right,
this is the most sacred of man's duties!

immortal words of Njegoš





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