Meme-Friendly Quotations

From Carl Marx

everything sprouted from his ideas
Pay attention to his own words. For many unsuspected people, those come as a surprise.

From Vladimir Lenin

putting theory into practice
Marxist revolutions are ruthless.

From Josef Stalin

World based on lies
Where hundreds of millions have suffered for generations.

From Adolf Hitler

National-Socialism. Socialism. Socialism. Socialism!
For some reason that cannot be rationally explained, many people from the West are failing to understand that national-socialism was a form of Socialism. Let’s compare similarities and differences

Finally, other Communist Leaders

Tito, Moše Pijade, Pol-Pot, Enver Hohxa
Is it just a coincidence that different cultures, different nations, different continents and a time span of a century don’t change the core values of Marxist Ideologs?

NEW on our Website: Communist Newspapers "Proleter"

The Official Communist Newspapers, from Yugoslavia, 1929-1942. We will copy-paste and translate the most interesting parts from each issue
People from Yugoslavia will have the original text, while the international readers will also have some context provided. Our comments will be (put inside the brackets). The rest is the most direct possible translation, which is a bit tricky, because the words are covering different set of meaning in Slavic languages and in English language. 

NEW-ER on our Website: Communist Movies

The Best movies about Communist World
Most of them will be comedies, with unusual plots that will provide you the insight into a typical Communist mindset.