A lot of books and videos about the phenomenon of Marxism

Books you should read

Foundations of Western Economics. What Newton is for Physics, Adam Smith is for Economics. Excellent guide to understand the the phenomenon of Free World.


The most practical book about economics that was ever written. Easy to read and yet complex, meaningful and applicable.


The second book on this list written by Dr. Thomas Sowell. He is speaking from his vast life experience and he is not afraid to point out unpopular truths.


If you read this book, you will know how to read people.


Art of taming chaos and the guidance on how to life meaningful life.


The latest book written by Dr. Jordan Peterson. Continuation of the best-seller "12 Rules for life".


The book that was so powerful that all ICBM rockets were unable to confront the truth that Solzhenitsyn brought to light. Awarded with Nobel Prize in 1970.


How 1/3 of Kazakh population was starved to death as the consequence of abysmal ideological decisions.


History of Proto-Marxism, recommended by Solzhenitsyn. The only book about this topic you will ever need.


Unique perspective to the evolutionary biology of - ideas. Without understanding evolutionary biology, you can't understand the battle of ideologies.


If you want to get insight into Ottoman Rule on the Balkans that lasted for centuries. The book was awarded Nobel Prize in 1961.


Epic poem written by one of the most honored intellectuals and theologians, the ruler of Montenegro, Petar II Petrovic Njegos


The best explanation of the nature of Good and Evil, also written by Njegos. It calls all living creatures to action in order to overwhelm the darkness after putting their best efforts to develop their God given abilities. Combined with our knowledge of evolutionary biology, it served as inspiration for the conclusion of our book.


Movies worth watching

One of the best movies ever made, about the man who saved more than 1000 Jews in WWII.


Movie about the deliberate starvation of Ukraine in 1932 and 1933. Millions perished.


Movie about The Bielski brothers trying to survive in Nazi occupied Belarus. It has several excellent and universal scenes depicting the psychology in war times.


Selection of great Videos

Ushanka Show

The most mundane facts about Soviet Life.


A bit more serious topics and wider context is provided.

Hitler's Socialism

The most comprehensive video that exists.

What the word "fascism" really means

Learn once, know forever.

Karl Marx's Anti-Semitism

After watching this video you will understand how Marx's socialism evolved into national-socialism.

Biblical Series,
by Dr. Jordan Peterson

The most sophisticated approach to the true meaning of the Bible. 
17 lectures, about 40 h long in total, covering Genesis.

Academy of Ideas

If you love Dr. Peterson, you will certainly like Academy of Ideas.
Many videos about Nietzsche, Jung, freedom and heroes.

The Red Devil and His Playbook

Pre-History of the book Unlearning Communism

Battle of Athens 1946, full movie

Battle against fraudulent elections, corrupt locals and tyranny.