Atlantic Mudskipper

From Unlearning Communism:

There is one more frightening and important lesson to remember. Once established, communism will remodel people in such way that they will not be able to survive in any other system. Just like fish, they will lack all the skills, all the organs needed for terrestrial life. Although I’ve managed to escape, I often feel like a strange creature called Atlantic mudskipper fish. I’m not sure how exactly should I walk and how exactly should I breathe the air (of freedom) without dying in the process. I also have some skills and experiences of life that would be useful in the previous environment but are not applicable in the new world. Maybe the best niche that people like myself can inhabit is to provide the bridge and to create a dictionary so both worlds will be able to communicate and understand each other. If we become exceptionally good, maybe we could break the spell, and liberate those captured by the whirlpool.

With the enthusiasm and fighting spirit of this strange Atlantic mudskipper, I’ve decided to give my best and fight the corrosive idea, and my most potent weapons are my words.
This is nothing but reenactment of an ancient myth, battle of Gods, battle of ultimate ideas. Our words must become logos and our mission is to bring habitable order into chaotic world. As my knowledge is modest, each one of you will be called to participate in this battle, with its own logos. The text of this book will evolve with the joint effort of our minds until it becomes impenetrable shield of consistent logic.

When you come
from ex-Communist Country to USA