Quotations by Karl Marx

About Jews, Blacks, Women, abolition of nation and borders, abolition of family, looting...

In order to understand philosophy of Karl Marx, you need to read 10 Major Points from Communist Manifesto which are addressing abolition and confiscation of private property, inheritance rights, proposing heavy taxation among other measures. As the basic idea of Marxism is the clash between classes of those who are generating passive income (bourgeoisie) and those who are earning solely by working (proletariat), nation as a concept is irrelevant and should be abolished as well. System of classes seen by Marxists is primarily targeting the most successful, those who are capable of inventing, doing creative work and those who are trading. In Marx’ own words, that individualism is called “the essence of Judaism”, targeting all the Christians and conservatives and as well. In order to gain the power, Marxism is advocating for the abolishment of family and indoctrination of future generations through public education.

Followed by quotations from Adolf Hitler

explaining that he was a socialist, enemy of capitalism and individualism, someone willing to bring social justice

In his autobiographic book, “Mein Kampf”, Hitler is describing the evolution of his political ideas. Young Hitler is struggling to survive and climb the ladders of hierarchies although he is giving his best effort. That is sparking resentment in his soul and he starts admiring Marxism for their compassion and solidarity. However, after participating in WWI, Hitler does not want to see Germans fighting Germans in class struggle. Instead, he is adopting the entire logic of Marxism with one difference: the division will be made by ethnicity (race, in his own words). That logic led to the destruction of ethnicities which didn’t had own, national states (Jews and Gypsies) and ethnicities whose national states were relatively young (Slavic nations). In the “Second Book”, Hitler is further developing his economic ideas which are in their core Marxist ideas. This is why Hitler was a socialist and the reason why he was fighting communists was the difference in class division. 

And quotations from Lenin

talking about mass murdering, promising merciless retaliations and the abolishment of freedom 

Lenin was a brutal leader of communist revolution in Russia and the raw model for all future communist dictators. Lenin sees terror as a tool to come into power. He has no dilemma whether his political opponents should be physically destroyed and has no hesitation to ruin the lives of those who are not guilty but only suspicious. No wonder his successor, Stalin, implemented gulags (labor camps in which about 10% of prisoners died) and never-ending purges of domestic enemies and saboteurs. 

Quotations from communist Leaders of Yugoslavia

When liberators killed 1% of the population and before that left the trail of destruction and blood

Tito, the leader of Communist Yugoslavia is seen in the west as a benevolent dictator and he is still admired by the people from Yugoslavia. However, in reality, he was a merciless warlord who deliberately led the trail of destruction in order to turn the masses towards communist movement. Before the war, communists were actively sympathizing with Croatian national socialists (Ustashe) and both movements were opposing the royalist rule of Yugoslavia. Vacuum of power immediately after the Second World War was used to deal with opponents. Death toll can be expressed in percents of the total population. Some of the methods used were extremely brutal. Even that was not the end as his own comrades, loyal communists who were praising Stalin and Soviet Union ended up in Yugoslavian version of gulag (Goli Otok). After all of that, there were no new opponents and generations were actively taught to worship him as deity, leading to the cult of personality and admiration that lasts for decades after his death.

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