Propaganda Posters

From Various East-European Countries

Printed on the Best Paper you can buy

There are other options as well, including printing on metal, mounting on acrylic, Gator Board… 
Size can be up to 48 x 72 inches. Contact us for the exact quota, with shipping included.

Revolutionary Posters

About the Global Revolution, and against Monarchy
Unless the entire world is under communism, there will be islands of freedom. Those islands will be more successful, and as such, they will be threatening the narrative that the communist way is the only way.

Anti-Religious Posters

Christians, Jews, Muslims or even Shamans - all of them were enemies

Religious enemies were exploiting people, while making secret alliance with the former rulers, in order to stop the knowledge and progress

Competent, Hard-Working Farmer, Enemy of the State

Kulak, Кулак, was a strong man with free will

First, the most successful farmers has lost the land. It was taken from them by brute force. 
Soon after, the measurement of “success” became smaller and smaller and “counties” used to implement quotas.
Once those hard-working men were left with nothing, they were kicked out from collective farms, basically to perish. 

Strange and Confusing Posters from Serbia

From all ideological sides

There are posters against the British, against Soviets, against “Soviet Jews”, with some peasants praising German soldiers for protecting them from communists, so he doesn’t need to share with idlers. 
Highly controversial, but – historical.