Videos to Watch

Videos Every Free Man Should Watch

From Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Nobel Prize in Literature, 1970
Start with the Nobel Prize Lecture, “One Word of Truth”, in order to understand who He was as a man.
Continue with the “Harvard Address”, see the parallels with the current state of the Western World, and realize what the answers are. 
Once you understand the ideology, you are ready to see the consequence, the inevitable outcome, depicted in the movie “One Day in life of Ivan Denisovich”.
However, you could be in denial that something horrible like that could happen to you. Excellent! Watch TV Series about “Gulag for Scientists” are remember what happened with honest scientists since 2020. It’s called “The First Circle”.
Finally, when you are stuck in traffic, listen to audiobook “Gulag Archipelago”. You will have about a month worth of material and you will be happy to commute. 
If you are still wondering what / how to do: repeat the points 1 and 2.